Acco Paola

Owner of a grooming salon in Portogruaro since 1991, Paola started grooming competitions in 1995 collecting gold, silver and bronze medals in Europe and USA as well; 3 BIS in Italy, France and Czech Republic. She became Italian Champion in 1999; Vice Champion of Best of the Best in Milano. She has been four times finalist in the Oster Tournament of Champions; member of the Italian Team winner of the World Team Championship in Barcelona 2003; member of the Italian Team second classed at the World Team Championship 2007 in Milano.
She did several grooming demonstrations in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Asia and cooperates with the most known Italian factories to promote the grooming industry in Italy.
Co-founder of ATI (Italian Groomers Association), she's also organizer of the event "Master Show" (trade and grooming show) and co-organizer of the Italian Championship.
Paola is breeding Bichon Poo.
In her grooming school, opened in 1999, she formed more than 100 students and some of them already got medals and BIS in international contests.

Barker Linda

Linda has a small but very successful kennel called Crystalar Poodles.
She started showing standard poodles at the age of 16.
Although only a hobby breeder and having a litter only every 4-5 years she has made up 5 champions and was BOB at Crufts in 2006.
 After marrying a very well known groomer Richard Barker, she was talked into entering a grooming competition, Eurogroom and ended up winning the poodle class. A few years later she entered Northern Groomers and won the poodle class and went Best in Show. At Premiergroom again won the poodle class and Best In Show and at Groomer Of The Year 2012 was Runner Up Groomer Of The Year.
 Linda is a Championship show judge in the UK and also judges poodles abroad.  She has judged at The British Dog Grooming Championships, Young Kennel Club Groomer of the Year, Eurogroom and also Premiergroom Richard and Linda started the grooming section of the Young Kennel Club in England and also Young Kennel Club Groomer of the Year grooming competition, which is now held every year at Crufts dog show.
The Young kennel club holds classes in grooming for the very young people among us and they even have a full week during their summer camp with education all about grooming and dog showing where Linda is responsible for the grooming section.



Bernardin Shaunna

Was born into a "dog family" and throughout her childhood her family bred Irish Setters, Labrador Retrievers, Akitas, Poodles and several other breeds. The family also ran a very large facility that provided grooming, training, (conformation as well as obedience) and a boarding kennel. As well, the family ran several other grooming salons.
All of Shaunna's childhood memories include having her dogs around her so it seemed only natural that she started working in the kennel and grooming at a very young age. Junior handling was a big part of Shaunna's life, competing from pee-wee right up to the open class, and was one of the top junior handlers in Alberta.
Shaunna then apprenticed with several of the best professional handlers in Canada and the USA, her talents growing along with her experience.
Shaunna bought her first Toy Poodle at age 7, and bred her first litter by age 10. As the owner of Innovations Kennels she has bred over 100 world wide champions, including the top winning, record-breaking Can/Am International Champion, "Innovations the Piano Man", and Can/Am International Champion, "Innovations Lone Star". Shaunna knew early on that her life would be in the "dog world" and has now been a professional handler for the past 18 years. She has handled many of Canada's top dogs and has won over 300 "Best In Shows", and finishes approximately 50 champions per year.
Shaunna has had great success at grooming competitions as well being one of Canada's most decorated groomers. Her awards are too many to list, but some of the highlights are: International Groomer of the Year – Intergroom 2000, Best In Show Poodles – Eurogroom 1999; member of the Gold Medal winning Groom Team Canada; Best Canadian Groomer; 2 Crystal Awards, Cardinal Crystal Achievement Award Recipient and Wahl Artistic Innovations Winner.
Shaunna has judged grooming competitions and presented seminars in Canada, USA, England, Scotland, Uruguay and Italy. She's been a Wahl Representative for 10 years and in the future she would like to become an All Breed Judge. She is very proud of her many students over the years and of their successes.
The versatility of the Canadian Shaunna Bernardin is demonstrated by its performance at dog shows with more than 385 times Best in show with many different breeds

Buiza Carol

Carol, director of the prestigious dog grooming academy "Style Dogs", started her career in 1997 attending almost all national and international grooming competitions held in Europe and obtaining several gold, silver and bronze medals.
Carol has been finalist in the prestigious Oster Tournament of Champions held in France in 2007; member of the Spanish Team third classed in the 2007 World Team Championship in Italy; Best in Show in "Ciseaux d'Or" 2011.
She gives seminars in different grooming schools in Madrid, Barcelona and Girona.
In 1999 Carol entered the dog show's world showing a fantastic Scottish Terrier called Gregal and she has been proud of him for long time. Later Carol specializes in grooming and showing miniature schnauzers.
Since 2001 Carol is the owner of "Style Dogs", grooming salon in Ripollet (Barcelona).

Camarasa Judith


Carré Martial

Is a professional groomer with almost 30 years of experience. He started as a behavior therapist for dogs, but his passion for grooming began with the pet of his grandmother. He built up a small customer base by word of mouth publicity.
Then he wanted to give himself 100% to practice his passion and so he began a training centre for groomers in the North of France. Immediately after this centre, he started up his first grooming salon in the region of Neufchâteau in the Vosges. Very quickly after his, he installed his salon in the South of France in Toulon.
He really found his way when he competed in grooming competitions. Step by step he improved himself and got quickly in the top 3. He won a lot of titles in Europe and in the whole world, the BIS in Milan Groom 2005, European Champion with the Kerry Blue Terrier in 1995, World Champion with a Schnauzer in 1997, bronze medal in the World Competition in 1994 and in Milan Groom 2010 with a Fox Terrier as well as a Silver and Golden Medal.
The biggest part of the prizes he won during his career, were with his own dogs.
Martial Carré from France is a very famous breeder and groomer, he already won various prices and medals in grooming competitions and dog shows.

Cellamare Biagio



Her dream to become “dog hair dresser” since she was a child became reality on 1995 when, at 20 years old, she opened her salon in Grosseto, Tuscany.
She won numerous golden, silver and bronze medals in all competing categories, as well as several prizes as “Best technique” and “Best scissoring” in National and International contests. She has been successful also in creativity contests
She was BIS at “Certo Grooming Event” in Netherlands in 2009 and in 2011 In Barcelona at Artero Championship.
She is the founder with Chiara Piccionetti of the charitable contest “Romeo Grooming”, and of “Poker”, Grooming School in Rome.
Simona is in the list of the Italian Groomers Teachers (AITI).

Coraggio Ciro


De La Morena Enrique


De Munter Rony

Rony is owner of the grooming salon 'Folini', which is specialized in terriers. He is the winner of several titles and medals at grooming contests at home and abroad and is regularly asked as a jury for grooming contests. Besides all this, Rony is also the owner of the famous Lakeland and Wire Fox Terriër affix "Of Foliny Home".
He not only gives private lessons, but he also teaches in different schools and is a successful handler of most of the Terrier breeds.
Through his job he met his partner Dieni Uiterwijk, ex-winner of the well-known title Best In Show on Crufts with a Welsh Terrier.
Rony Demunter is a proven specialist when it comes to Terriers, who is now focusing on teaching young and experienced groomers.

Dekeersgieter Kitty

Kitty has won many gold medals, silver and bronze, as well as prizes in "Best in Show" in "Best All Round" in Europe and America. The highlight of his career was when Kitty groomer in 1996-1997 won the prestigious title of "World Champion Poodle Groomer" and the much desired "Cardinal Crystal Achievement Award" from the "Internationaal Groomer of the Year" at the 'Intergroom in New York, USA. She works as the international jury for grooming competitions, is a consultant of the EGA (European Grooming Association) and gives lectures and demonstrations. She has given seminars and worldwide with the aim to train groomers, encourage and improve the industry's grooming.

Delaye Magali

Magali has 25 years of experience in professional grooming and is specialized in Handstripping. She won many gold, silver and bronze medals since 1992 in Handstripping, Poodle, Purebred Scissoring and Spaniel in national and international contests. Magalie was BIS at "Ciseaux d'Or" 2006 and in Barcelona 2008. She's the owner of a kennel, founded in 1971, breeding Airedale, Fox, Cairn, West Highland and Yorkshire Terriers. National and International judge, Magalie also gives grooming courses for all breeds.

Di Marino Teri

Teri is a forty+ year veteran of the pet styling industry. She previously owned and operated a large and successful South Florida salon for almost years. As a multi Best In Show winning grooming contest competitor Teri was a member of the ’88, ’89 and ’93 GroomTeam USA Gold Medal winning teams, served as GroomTeam USA team coordinator for the ’90 and ’91 teams as well as GroomTeam USA Treasurer for nearly ten years. She is a multiple Cardinal Crystal Grooming Achievement Award nominee and award winner for American Groomer of the Year and Judge of the Year as well as a multiple Barkleigh Honors award winner for Journalism and Outstanding Contributions to the Industry. Teri is a popular speaker, judge at seminars and trade shows across the United States, Canada, Europe, South America, Korea, New Zealand and Australia. She initiated the concept of the platform demonstration at grooming trade shows in the 1990’s. While these are familiar to the human hair industry, they had been unseen in the pet styling world until that time.
Teri’s dog show background includes extensive work with Doberman Pinschers in the obedience and conformation ring as well as helping found the Doberman Rescue League in South Florida in 1976. She served as President, Vice-President, Adoption Coordinator and Obedience Director. She also bred and showed Tibetan Terriers, having finished numerous breed and obedience champions as well as owner/handling one of her dogs to a National Specialty Best in Show win. Her “eye for a dog” carried over to her salon, where she maintained and groomed many of the local show dogs for their handlers, specializing in the scissor Terrier breeds and Cocker Spaniels.
As one of the charter members of the Boca Raton Dog Club, Teri acted as Match Secretary and Chairman through the grueling AKC licensing qualification process and then went on to hold the position of Show Chairman after licensing was granted. Teri also served a two year term as club President. Teri is currently the President of the newly formed California Professional Pet Groomers Association, Inc, an organization dedicated to uniting the professional groomers within the state.
Teri has written regular columns and feature articles for the industry publications Pet Business, Grooming Business and Groom & Board magazines. Teri now calls Barkleigh Productions home and has taken on the position of Industry Consultant along with writing the business column and feature articles in Groomer To Groomer magazine. She has also contributed to the Animal Planet reality show, Groomer Has It, acting as the shows Professional Consultant as well as several other grooming related television shows.
Teri regularly lectures at trade shows and consults with pet styling businesses, specializing in teaching no-nonsense everyday grooming and bathing techniques, salon set-up, business logic and time management efficiency. Teri now resides in Southern California and still enjoys grooming pets in her private salon.

Diaz Emilia

​Emilia is the President and Founder of the Spanish Grooming Association and also organized the most prestigious international grooming competition in Spain for 11 years.
She's the owner and manager of "Esppeca Academy" and the "Animal Center Salon" in Girona since 1991.
Besides all that she's a founding member of the European Grooming Association (EGA) and an all around international judge.
During her carreer in the competition ring she has won gold, silver and bronze medals in numerous international competitions in Europe, multiple BIS at Intergroom (USA) , France, Belgium and the Czech Republic.
She was also the winner of the "Ciseaux de Diamant" at Montpellier, France.
The Spanish Emilia Dias is a founding member of the EGA, the president and founder of the Spanish Grooming Association and an all around international judge. During her career in the competition ring she won numerous medals in international competitions.

Ensell Peter

Grooming since 1995 Peter has won every major UK grooming competition. He has also been awarded BIS at Milangroom 2007 with his Kerry Blue Terrier. Peter is also the longest running team member of Groom Team England. He has bred and shown Kerry Blue Terriers and Wire Fox Terriers under the affix of Nemiah, and Miniature Bull Terriers under the affix of Minimayhem. Also he has owned and shown, Dandie Dinmont Terriers, Boxers, Standard Poodles, Springer Spaniels and American Cocker Spaniels. Peter and his wife are proud owners of the successful English grooming studio and training centre 'EK-9'.

Evans Michell

Michell Evans is a milti-Best in Show and Best All Around winning groomer.   She is Certified Master Groomer through National Dog Groomers Association of America (NDGAA), the International Professional Groomers Incorporated (IPG) and the International Society of Canine Cosmetologists (ISCC)
                She is the proud recipient of the, Barkleigh Honors, Competitive Groomer of the Year Award 2011 and the Up and Coming Judge of the Year 2013.        She earned the Liz Paul Memorial Trophy for 2011 and the Liz Paul Best Scissored Poodle Award in 2011.
She was a nominee in 2011and 2012 for the prestigious Crystal Grooming Awards, “Competitive Groomer of the Year”.She was a GroomTeam USA member 2009-2013.   She was the hand stripping member of the, Silver Medal Winning, team in Belgium in 2011 and the, Gold Medal Winning, team in Spain in 2013.
             Michell is a judge, speaker and demonstrator at the top trade shows around the country and a proud spokesperson for Andis Clipper Company. Her business “The Grooming Tutor” has been educating groomers since 2000.

Fomine Roman

Roman's career began 23 years ago when he met his first poodle. Being drawing master, Roman realized himself as an artist - groomer. His style of working is characterized by an individual creative approach. In 2000 Roman founded a student program for grooming. He found simple answers to complex questions concerning balance, proportion and scissors' technique. To date, his program produced a huge number of students in different towns of Russia, China and other foreign countries. Roman achieved a high level as a professional groomer and handler. His name is associated to winning at dog shows of the highest rank.
Roman began to take part in grooming competitions since 1999. The start was a victory at the first grooming competition held in Russia. In 2000 Roman was finalist at the most prestigious grooming championship: «Oster Invitational Tournament of Champions», which took place in Berlin, as well as at "Milan Groom", held in Italy. In 2002 Roman was silver medal at the international grooming competition «Intergroom».
Today Roman is one of the famous professional groomers in different breeds. He's the owner of professional grooming schools and organizes master classes and seminars.

Gammella Raffaella

Raffaella has been grooming and teaching in her own salon in Viterbo since 1995 till 2011 when she decided to move to Mestre.
She approached at once national and international grooming contests with great success, obtaining 5 gold, 5 silver and 2 bronze medals plus 1 Best in Show.
One day she met a Bedlington Terrier that changed her life. She left grooming competitions to completely dedicate herself to that breed starting to attend dog shows in Italy and abroad as well.
She got in contact with the most prestigious foreign breeders improving the Bedlington show cut and started to spread a new and innovative line in Italy.
From 2002 the escalation: Raffaella got the first Italian Champion, then she won the prestigious Challenger trophy and the first BIS ever awarded to a Bedlington in Italy. To that one many others followed.
In a few years her kennel "Colacoda" obtained 16 Italian champions, 5 European champions and 3 World champions. Many successful results in Italy and abroad, Cruft included where she won the class and two other of her dogs were second and fourth.
She's a speaker for APT and has been operating with prestigious pet companies.
Raffaella is also APT grooming contests' judge.

Girardelli Ilaria

Ilaria started her dog career in 1991 in showing, getting numerous European and World results with her own dogs.
In 1994 Ilaria got grooming courses from Umberto Lehmann. In 1995 she opened her first grooming salon and one year later started competing obtaining several golden, silver and bronze medals in all categories both in Europe and USA.
In the following years Ilaria opened three further grooming salons that she sold when her first child Davide was born.
She won the Oster Tournament of Champions in 2002 in Barcelona and became European Vice Champion in 2003 in Milano with a Poodle and a Lakeland.
Ilaria was member of the Italian Team winner of the World Championship 2003 in Barcelona.
She also was member of the Italian Team third classed in the World Championship 2005 in France.
Best in Show in 2004 in Germany with a West Highland White Terrier.
She became International all round Judge in 2003. Ilaria judged the Oster Tournament of Champions in 2003 in France, the European Championship in 2006 in Milano and several National and International competitions.
She did and still does demonstrations and stages as well for important companies of the grooming industry and groomers associations.

Gomez Lassie

​Lassie entered the grooming world in 1974, when dogs' wellbeing in Spain wasn't felt as nowadays. She has been working for many years in a Veterinary Clinic in Costa del Sol learning how to handle all domestic animals, till she fell in love with dog grooming in 1990. She took several courses from the Scottish groomer Sara McDonalds, then she opened her salon, "Lassiedog" in 1992 where, beside the normal pet grooming, she also prepares dogs for showing and gives formation and specializing courses. Most of her students are now working in the pet grooming market.
Lassie is cofounder or the Spanish dog groomers association. As National and International judge she judged several contests in Europe.
During her career Lassie won numerous gold, silver and bronze medals in Spaniel, Handstripping and Purebred Scissoring classes in grooming contests held in Italy, France and Spain.
Lassie has been Oster Tournament 2003 Vice Champion.

Grison Elisabetta


Hull Paula

No info yet

Janssen Monique

Monique Janssen has been a groomer since 1970 and is specialized in scissor breeds. Her last championship was "Eurokru 2001″ at Berlin. She was the winner of the "Winnerscircle" with a Kerry Blue, gold winner with a Bichon Frisé and also gold winner with a Poodle. Since then she's been an international Judge and also the founder of the first luxury beauty salon for dogs with a luxury boutique and an own clothing line at Merksem, Antwerpen.
For the moment she's the owner of the "Grooming Center Cardinique" at Westende, an exclusive private school for groomers who want to learn more about "The Art of Scissoring" of Poodles and pure scissor breeds according to the standard or the current commercial models with the appropriate/correct scissoring techniques.
Monique Janssen is a specialist in scissor breeds. After a beautiful career in the competition ring, she's now focusing on passing on her knowledge to groomer.

Jennifer Lee

Jennifer Lee was born in South Korea, grew up in the United State.  In 2008, Jennifer won “Rising Star of the Year” award at Intergroom, which is one of the most wanted awards for groomers who just start their competition careers. Since then Jennifer has won multiple Best In Show and Best All Around Groomer Awards in Atlanta Pet Fair, NDGAA Grooming Festival,  NEGPG New England Grooming Show, Pet Quest, GroomExpo, H.H. Backer Show…etc.  In 2012, another highlight of Jennifer’s career is to win the BEST IN SHOW at GroomExpo with title Groom Olympic World Champion with her Scottish terrier, which made her on the cover page of Groomer to Groomer magazine. Jennifer is a member of Hall of Fame of GROOMTEAM USA. She has been a member of GroomTeam USA from 2010 through 2012. Jennifer has won more than 70 grooming competition awards in her 8 years competition career. Jennifer is an International grooming competition judge and seminar speaker. She is not only judging in the United State, she was also invited to China, South Korea and England to judge and speak. Jennifer was nominated Barkleigh Competitive Groomer of The Year 2010 and Cardinal Crystal Award of American Groomer of the Year 2010 and Congeniality Award 2010. Jennifer is member of JEC (Judge Ethic  Council).

Kalstone Shirlee

Shirlee founded Intergroom in 1981. Under her guidance, Intergroom became the most prestigious international grooming competition and educational conferences in the world. She is the author of 15 books and countless articles about the grooming and health care of dogs and cats. One book, "Poodle Clipping and Grooming: The International Reference" is probably the most popular grooming book in the world.
Through the year, she and husband, Larry, have bred and shown Poodles, Whippets and English Setters. Recipient of 8 Cardinal Crystal Achievement awards, Shirlee is a well-respected competition judge, both in the USA and abroad, having judged in Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Holland, Italy and Japan.
As the Judges Education Chairman, she is presently helping the IJA draft breed study programs and guidelines for judging grooming contests. She is also working on a book about dog shows with Frank Sabella.
Shirlee has completed the Judge's Orientation/Training Class required by the United Showmanagers Alliance, and was approved as a Sanctioned Judge.

Kania Romana

Kania Romana.....

Klein Mijo

Mijo is grooming dogs since 1975. Multi champion, Mijo Klein created "Ciseaux d'Or International" taking place every year in La Grande Motte the first week end of February since 14 year.
She is creator and editor of the grooming magazine "Les Echos du Toilettage" but also writes articles for several other specialised periodicals.
Mijo gives specialisation courses and is director of the "Académie d'Art Canin", dog grooming school.
National and Internationl Judge.

Kleton Ilse

1993 European Champion Poodle Grooming.
1994 Dutch Champion
2000 Best In Show at the World Class Competition Millennium show in Berlin, Germany.
2006UK Champion Poodle Grooming (for professionals).
Champion Poodle Grooming at the Golden Groomer in Liege, "Master France 2006" (BIS), Best Foreign Trim Star in the category show poodles and best foreign groomer in SNPCC races in Reims(F) 2007 "Antwerp Groomer 2007" (BIS) and also champion in the class of poodles (Elite) Belgium.
Champion of the model (dog) Trophy in Rotterdam.
2009 French champion in the class Poodles, Best Foreign groomer, No. 1 with a Bichon and No. 2 with a last minute Westie in SNPCC matches in Aubusson, France.

Krizova Jitka

Jitka is involved with dogs since 1987 - dog training, showing, grooming, breeding. She become a professional dog groomer in 1998 and opened her first grooming salon Vita Canis in Zvolen, Slovakia in 2000. In 2004 she moved to the UK and since then she is a member of Saredon Terrier show team. She currently owns grooming salon and training centre Vita Canis in Uttoxeter
Jitka started competing in 2001 and won numerous Gold, Silver and Bronze medals with Welsh, Wire Fox, Airedale, Irish, Lakeland Terrier, Miniature Schnauzer, Kerry Blue Terrier and Toy Poodle, become British Groomer of the Year in 2006, she also won BIS at Eurogroom in 2006 ,2007, 2009, and Groomania in 2010. She was a member of Groom Team England 2008/2009 and 2010/2011.

Langdon Philip

I have bred , shown and handled over 30 English poodle champions in all 3 sizes. I have also bred and shown Bichon Frise, also handling Afghan Hounds, Italian greyhounds,Irish water Spaniel (that finished his English title and was BOB at Crufts ). I started grooming when I was about 18, just friends dogs to start with and everything progressed from there. I have since won Eurogroom three times and Groomer Of The Year three times I have also judged at Eurogroom, GOTY and Premier Groom as a breeder I award Cc's in all size of poodle and have judged in many Countries

Lehmann Umberto

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El Corte Italiano in Cartagena has been his home since 2007.
Opened his grooming salon in Milano in 1980, after having been in breeding, showing and training. In 1985 he started giving formation and specialization courses in his Grooming School getting more than 250 students.
From 1985 to 2001, he won several gold and silver medals in USA,
Europe and Canada
in Poodle, Handstripping, Purebreeds Scissoring
 and Spaniels.
He was member of the Italiam Team that got the third place in the World Team Championship in Intergroom  U.S.A.1996
He was member of the European Team that got the second place in the 2001World Team Championship in Canada.
From 1989 to 2014 Umberto judged in more than 190 International Grooming Competitions, gave grooming demonstrations in more than 250 seminars in USA, all over Europe, Russia,Taiwan,  Ukraina, Japon and Brasil.

He has received the Cardinal Crystal Grooming Achievement Award in 1987 as
“International Groomer of the year”.
Umberto has been judging in the World Team Grooming Championship in England in 1999 as in Spain in 2003 as well in Belgium in 2011.
In France 2005 in Germany 2009in Spain 2013 he has been President of the Jury.
He has also judged in four Oster Tournament of Champions, in 1997 in New York , in 1999 in France and in 2008 in Las Vegas.

President of the European Grooming Association (E.G.A.),
President of the Italian Grooming Association (A.T.I.) and organizer of “MilanGroom”, International Grooming Competition. and organizer of The Oster European Tournament of Champions.

He’s Oster Ambassador for Europe.
European Grooming Association: Judge - All round
United Showmanagers Alliance: Judge - All round.
Prepare all breeds for dog show

Levina Elena

Elena works as professional groomer since 1988. She started grooming competitions in 1997 in Russia with a Fox Terrier. In 1998 she won her first BIS in Moscow. Silver medal at the "Oster Invitational Tournament of Champions" 1999 in Berlin, Elena won BIS two years later in Milan at "MilanGroom" and also the silver medal at the "Oster Invitational Tournament of Champions".
In 2011 at the International Grooming Competition «ZooGroom», held with «ZooRussia» exhibition in Moscow, she won Best in Show.
Today, Elena is preparing for show Poodle, Fox Terrier, Welsh Terrier, Airedale, Irish Terrier, German Jag terrier, Border Terrier, Jack Russell Terrier, Parson Russell Terrier, Lakeland Terrier, Norfolk Terrier Norwich Terrier, Basset Griffon Vendee, Belgium and Brussels Griffon, Dachshund, Spitz.
Elena owns a grooming salon and a handling school as well. She also organizes grooming courses and seminars.

Lewi Carinne

Born in Belgium, Antwerp, bud is now for almost 11 Years living in Cataluña, Spain She started to groom at the age of 15 years and is still grooming. She won ore got selected at different grooming competions and became Belgium and Benelux champion in 1998 Here specialization is poodles and all kind of siscor work on dogs, with a variety on commercial grooming. These are also here teems for a lot of her seminaries. She is already more than 30 years breeder of standard poodles with the affix: Song of okarina. With several World, European, international en Israeli champions. On the moment she is showing with Red standard Poodles and got a Belgium and Spanish Champion now in 2014 She also has written a book about: how to wash and dry your poodle correctly to prepare him for grooming. Since a few years she is also giving seminaries about the language of dogs and how to use these in daily live with our dogs. Very interesting.

Lewig Simone V.

Many awards at championships in the german language area, Simone V.-Liewig scored the most awards in dog grooming competitions.
Publisher of the magazines "Dogs & Trends Magazine" and "Hundecoiffeur" Organizer of German Grooming Masters
The annual international grooming competition in Germany, since 2004
Founder of the Groom Team Germany
The elite training group in Germany - for contests, dog shows etc.
Judge for competitions
Simone V.-Liewig ist the first (and today only one) judge for grooming competitions from the german language area.

Lorrain Denys

Denys was born in France and start grooming in 1989.Became French groomer of the year in 1991 in Paris ,European winner with a poodle in Amsterdam in 1992 .Member of the French team for the world groom
team championship in New york in 1996.denys has won many gold and silver medals in Europe and in the USA. In 1997 has won the best international groomer in Intergroom and won the Oster tournament of
Champions. Specialist of the hand stripping and sissoring denys has finished his carreer of grooming competitons in Barcelona in 2002 winning the Best in show with a standart Poodle. Since 2000 denys is an Oster ambassador and has moved to Italy to open his own kennel for his real passion of Lakeland terrier , wire Fox terrier, poodle and English cocker spaniel .
He's vice president of the EGA , internationnal all around judge and judge intructor . Denys has made many demonstations in Taiwan, USA ,Canada ,Russia Ukraina,Australia and all over Europe in many breeds .
denys is the proud Captain and Trainer of the Austrian Groomers at the World groom team Championship for the last past years .His Kennel under the prefix of Slicey has produced many World and European tittles in the dog show circuits and totalize over seventy national and internationnal championships .For him Grooming is an Art and he excells giving some lessons for the advanced and also starting groomers from all over the world .Speaking many laguages it's always easy to talk with hima litlle bit regarding Dogs and having a good time .

Loubet Valerie


Marastoni Marco

He started very young, already at the age of fourteen, to approach the world of grooming, taken by a passion for animals born with him.
The early years were dedicated to the research and study of the profession itself, and soon after he began to take courses, work experiences and training facilities.
In 2004 he made his debut in the world of grooming competitions already getting his first medal in the Italian Championship.
Since 2004, successes have been countless and continuous: gold, silver and bronze medals in the most prestigious National and International Championships in various European countries in the categories stripping, scissoring and poodles.
In 2010 he was the Winner of the European Grooming Championship in Girona (Spain), organized by E.G.A and he also won the title of "absolute best in show" of the event.
In 2011 in Belgium and in 2013 in Spain he was a member of the "Team Italy" at the World Grooming Championships, where he obtained with the national team some placings of excellence among the semifinalists.
Marco got his most prestigious qualification in 2012, winning the title of "Oster Europe Grand Champion" at the famous challenge "Oster European Invitational Tournament of Champions", which is an invitation-only competition among selected and nominated champions.
Marco actually works in his salon in Reggio Emilia where he promotes training courses for beginners and professionals; by 2012 he is also the rapporteur for the important events of sector in the various countries of Europe.

Martin Anne


Mathieu Nathalie

Nathalie is realy fascinated by the worlds dog grooming. Since 1983 she has devoted her life to breeding dogs and professional grooming.
What should she say if we asked her opinion on what she 's doing when she's grooming a dog?  
The answer would be: ... we have all heard a variety of references to soundness...etc
But a sound dog is not only about breed standard, it's an interpretation of the breed by the owner as well.
For Nathalie grooming has to be a mixture between breed standard, the specimen and its owner. Nathalie is breeding cockers since 1983 and produces champions. She's grooming champion in some countries like Belgium in '96, Holland in '97, USA in '97, Germany in '98, France in '98, France in 2002 etc...
But regardless all these cups and medals, she will always be, a real lover of American cockers. It's all about the pleasure of grooming them to make a perfect "sound" cocker.

Merati Lorena

Omura Toshinori

Toshi was born in Fuji-shi, Shizuoka-ken, Japan, on July 8, 1965.
Since he was small child, his all interest was in dogs. He used to play "dog showing" with his little brother. He showed Shiba-inu for the first in his life when he was 13 years old. It was at Japanese dog Preservation Society’s show, not by JKC(Japan Kennel Club). At 50 entries of young female class, they were 2nd from the last.
His first breeding was Shiba-inu, for 35 years and poodles for 24 years. Now he mainly breeds poodles, having about 100 in the kennel, and also breeds a few Pomeranians and Chinese Crested.
Smash Poodles have been No1. toy poodles for 24 years.
8 consecutive years BOV at PCA.
2 times BIS at World Dog Show.
BIS in Japan and all over the world are uncountable.

Pastor Vincent

Vincent started his grooming competition's career in 1996 at Intergroom.
Since then to 2003 he won several gold, silver and bronze medals in all competing classes in the USA, England, Spain and France.
He was member of the French team third classed at the World Team Championship in Barcelona on 2003 and Captain of the French team winner of the World Team Championship 2005.
Vincent has been judging in France, Italy, Czech Republic and Spain. He's member of the Jury at "Ciseaux d'Or" for 14 years. He also judged the World Team Championship on 2007, the Oster European Tournament of Champions and the Individual European Championship on 2010.
Vincent is the owner of "Calin Toilettage" in Vienne –France- where he gives forming and specialization grooming courses.

Pawlosky Chris

Multiple Best All Around Groomer and Best Grooming Dog in Show winner
World Poodle Groomer 1993 and 1995
International Groomer of the Year in 1994
Cardinal Crystal Achievement Award for Groomer of the year 1993, Congeniality 1994, and Judge of the year 1996, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2006
Eagle Award from Groom and Board Magazine 1994
Voted Groomer of the Decade by New England Pet Grooming Professionals 2001
Oster International Invitational Tournament of Champions 1995
With my specialty in Poodles and Brussels Griffons I have handled and breed many Champions in all three varieties of Poodles and Brussels Griffon.
Specialing two Standard Poodles into the top 10 in the USA from 1994-1998, both having multi All Breed and Specialty Best in Shows.
Best of Variety winner in Standard Poodle variety at Poodle Club of America 1998.
Awards of Merit at Westminster Dog Show
All managed with and around her family life!
She has completed the Judge's Orientation/Training Class required by the United Showmanagers Alliance, and was approved as a Sanctioned Judge.

Pecherkina Natalia

Is the owner of the famous Kerry Blue Terrier Kennel "Avalanche Eire-Kerry", founded in 1997
Together with her husband Andrei, Natalie shows her dogs since 1983. She is famous in Russia and abroad as a successful breeder, groomer, handler and dog shows and grooming competitions' judge.
The grooming style of her favorite breed is harmony in a perfectly proportioned Kerry blue Terrier.
Natalia won the title of "Best groomer of the year 1999" in the United States (Boston), and "Best International groomer 1999" in France.

Piccionetti Chiara

Chiara started her grooming career in 1998 and got her first good results in competition in 2000.
She got several gold, silver and bronze medals all over Europe in Handstripping, Spaniel, Poodle and Purebred Scissoring.
Chiara has been "Best in Show" at "MilanGroom", at "Pragobest" and at the Italian Championship. She has been member of the Italian Team second classed in the World Championship 2005 and third classed in 2007.
In 2004, in Barcelona, she became Vice European Champion.
Several times invited to the Oster Tournament of Champions, Chiara has been finalist both in 2002 and 2004 and became "Oster Europe Grand Champion" in 2009.
She's speaker for several factories leader in the pet market and gives demonstrations for the most important grooming associations.
She also prepares show dogs competing at European level. Currently she's grooming and handling wire fox terriers.
Chiara is co-founder and Vice President of the Italian Grooming Teachers Association (A.I.T.I.
She owns a grooming school in Rome where she gives forming and specializing courses since 2005.

Pinkusevich Irina

Irina "Pina" Pinkusevich immigrated from The Ukraine in 1989 with her parents at the
age of 18. She realized her passion as a Pet Stylist while working part-time as a bather.
Looking to improve her skills & expand her horizons, Irina entered the world of
Competitive Grooming in 2006. In her competitive career Irina has won multiple BIS &
Best All Around Groomer awards. She is a two time recipient of the Lynne Carver Award
for the most Best All Around Groomer wins in 2008 & 2010. Irina was also honored to
win the Liz Paul Memorial Award for the most Best in Show wins in 2010 & 2012. She is
the winner of the Winner’s Circle Jackpot 2011 where she won $32,500 for grooming
Lucas, her champion American Cocker Spaniel. She was Top Groomer of the Year 2008
& 2010. She was awarded Show Groomer of the Year 2012 by Andis presented by Dogs
in Review at Westminster Kennel Club. She has been a member of GroomTeam USA
from 2008 through 2012. She competed in the World Championships on GroomTeam
USA in 2009, 2011, & 2013 helping the U.S. team bring home a Silver & two Golds.
Most recently Pina has expanded her career to include International Competition Judge
& Seminar Speaker.

Ponnet Kitty

Kitty started with a goal: "Aiming for perfection". Her biggest wisdom is that no one ever knows enough about their profession. In all her passion she runs the grooming salon 'Kitana' with her staff and she's been participating in competition for many years with a lot of top results. She's won several bronze, silver and gold medals in Europe and in the US and she also has 'best in show' on her résumé. Next to running a grooming salon and participating in a lot of competitions, she also teaches and coaches starting and renovated groomers and gives inspiring seminars and demonstrations who can lead groomers to a top performance. Kitty is also the Coach for Groomteam Belgium. Kitty started together with Kitty Dekeersgieter a successful groomer academy: K2 Groomer academy. She gives also coaching & company consulting for grooming shops & groomers who want to be more successful in their business.

Prueckel Barbara

Growing up, Barb knew that her life would include spending as much time as possible around dogs. In 1995 she attended her first International grooming contest and realized what an amazing opportunities existed for groomers worldwide. Since then she has attended countless competitions and seminars around the world, soaking up any and all knowledge available to her, bringing her unique style of artistic excellence and formal design into the grooming industry.
Barb is the owner of "Doggie Style Salon" in Calgary which was one of the busiest salons in Canada, with a full staff of groomers, all trained by Barb herself, focusing on quality grooming and safe treatment of every pet. After 10 years, she closed her retail/salon in 2008 and opened the first exclusive dog salon in Canada.
Some of Barb's accomplishments in grooming include several gold, silver and bronze medals at Intergroom and International Groomer of the Year in 2004 and 2005. She was the first groomer in the 26 year history of Intergroom to win all three classes (terrier, mixed and miscellaneous class, and poodle) Best In Show, and Best International Groomer all in one weekend. She also won Best in Show and Best All Around Groomer at the NEPGP show in Boston and was the Winner of the World Poodle Tournament in Las Vegas three years in a row (2004, 2005 and 2006). Barb was also the winner of the Purebreed/Miscellaneous Class in Las Vegas in 2004 and 2005. Additionally, Barb was a Silver medalist of the World Grooming Tournament in Barcelona, Spain with her Bichon, and helped the Canadian Groom Team place 5th in Germany in 2009.
A member of Groom Team Canada for 10 years and captain for the last 6 years. Barb's judging and speaking assignments include the World Team Competition in France in 2005 and the European Oster Invitational in Milan, Italy in 2006, in Genk, Belgium in 2010
Barbara Prueckel is a Canadian groomer that has known many successes, as well at grooming competitions as in the business-meaning of a groomer with her salons.

Raison Eve

Eve got her first gold medal in 1997 at the French Championship in Spaniel class with an American Cocker, and became French Champion all categories in 1998. From 1997 to 2010 she won 20 gold, 16 silver and 13 bronze medals in international contests all over Europe in all competing classes and several Best In Show as well.
Eve is known as American cocker and Scottish specialist.
Several times finalist at the Oster Tournament of Champions, she became Oster Europe Grand Champion" in 2006.
She also won the World Team Championship with the French Team in 2007 in Italy, and in the World Team Championship 2009 in Germany.
National and international judge, Eve has been judging in France, Italy, Germany, Belgium.
Eve is the owner of a grooming salon in Annecy where she also gives courses.
Many of her students already started their grooming competition career gettinggreat results.

Renoud Grappin Laetitia


Roger Alison

Alison LCGI has been grooming she was 16 years old and run her own grooming salon for 18 years. The business was initially started, with the help of the Princess Trust, in response to the growing demands of Alison's customers. Alison's depth of experience includes teaching dog grooming & animal care at various colleges, teaching NVQ, Btec & national diploma to entry level and asset. She also teaches the NPTC intermediate certificate on dog grooming level 2 at her salon in Holmfirth.
Alison is qualified to city & guilds 730 level and has also completed her OCR level 4 qualifications. She is also fully qualified city and guilds 7750 Dog groomer and has completed her higher grooming diploma, is a member of the Guild of Master Groomers and also holds the LCGI in dog grooming.
In her spare time, Alison, loves to keep up on her grooming by competing in and judging grooming completion's both at home and abroad. She has achieved a number of places, winning the Professional Groomers Championship best in show 2003 with a bichon and 2004 with a scissored lasha (she is the only groomer to win these two years in a row). She also finished runner up at the British Dog Grooming Championships 2000 and in 2007 won Groomer of the year with a st poodle and English springer spaniel at the British Championships. She has more recently been a member of the English Groom team 2007 - 2009, where they came 3rd in the world, with Alison competing with a Springer Spaniel. And on the team again in 2010 to 2011
As well as this she has shown and bred West Highland White Terriers, Standard poodles and more recently Bichon frises (alizo), who are doing well in the show ring and hold the reserve cc's and cc and who have all qualified and won at Crufts. Alison will also be seen on the Mikki produces that she try's out for the company before they go on sale,
Alison was the 1st head groomer a the pet spa at Harrods in London .but is back in Yorkshire full time teaching her students or going to there salons to do freelance training.

Rose Katy

Kathy was a medal winning representative on four consecutive traveling teams for GroomTeam USA. She is a Barkleigh Honors nominee for journalism and industry service, as well as multiple Crystal Award nominations including Grooming Boutique of the Year 2010, 2011 and 2012 and winning for outstanding service to the industry. Kathy is recognized worldwide as a lecturer and columnist for Groomer to Groomer magazine and is a sanctioned Best in Show and All Around judge for United Show Managers Alliance, International Judges Association and the European Judges Association.

Rosell Anders

A graphic designer and Art Director by profession, Anders is a top breeder of Standard Poodles under the prefix 'Avatar' in Sweden. Anders has been involved with Poodles since the mid 70′s and finished over 80 champions, many top and BIS winners. As a small scale breeder he has bred champions in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Australia, Canada and the U.S. The Avatar dogs are to be found behind top winners all over the world, and in 2010 his dogs sired America's Top Standard as well as Dog of the Year in Sweden. Anders is well-known as a breeder, owner, groomer and handler of his Avatar dogs. He is also the owner and co-breeder of Sweden's Top Afghan Hound in 2010.
Previously Anders has judged the Poodle classes at Intergroom in America as well as the Oster Invitational Tournament in Germany, and he has held many grooming demonstrations for Poodles in various parts of the world. He is also the co-owner and publisher of the magazines The Scandinavian Poodle Magazine and Scandiavian Sighthounds – The Journal.
The Swede, Anders Rossell, is known all over the world as a breeder, owner, groomer and handler of the bloodline of Avatar Poodles.

Salvatori Roberto


Scruggs Jay


Soave Ferruccio

He won many golden, silver and bronze medals in International grooming contests in "Purebred Scissoring", "Poodle" and "Handstripping".
He has been twice Italian Champion and twice European Champion. Vice Champion in the Oster Tournament of Champion in France.
Member of the Italian Team winner of the World Team Championship 2003 in Barcelona; member of the Italian Team second classed in the World Team Championship 2007 in Milano.
From 1998 to 2003 he collected five BIS in International contests.

Speerin Christine

Christine’s life has always revolved around dogs and the many different dog worlds. Even as a young child she cannot be seen in a photo that doesn’t include a dog by her side. Having taught herself to groom on her mums kitchen table at the age of 12 she was told by her father that there was no future in dog grooming. Christine competed in the very first grooming competition held in Australia, Groomalong 1992 and has been a leading figure in the Australian grooming industry ever since. She runs a successful groomer training centre and is the leading instructor at The Grooming School which she co-founded with her husband Les in 2004.  She was a member of the first Australian Groom Team which travelled to Germany in 2009 and is the current team manager and a mentor to many local and International groomers. As a multi award winning groomer her work has featured on prime time television segments including Sydney Weekender, Talk to the Animals, Bondi Vet, Sunrise and the TODAY show. Her work has also featured in numerous industry articles and main stream print and online media magazines including the Australian Womens Weekly. Christine has been inspirational and innovative in many facets of the industry in Australia and responsible for nurturing many friendships and newcomers to the world of grooming and is a “ Grooming Ambassador “ for Nestle Purina & Andis.
Christine has held many International Seminars and Workshops and judged regularly in the USA , Europe , Asia , Australia & New Zealand since 2007, which has developed a wide network of friendships within the global grooming community. Christine is also involved in developing equipment and products for the industry and keeps up to date with the many new styles and techniques. Nowadays a proud grandmother, her focus is on encouraging the next generation of groomers to continue and grow the comraderie that has been built in the grooming world by sharing her vast knowledge and experiences that she is grateful to have gained from an industry in which she has enjoyed a fulfilling lifestyle.

Treins Alain


Vaccaroni Marco

Marco Vaccaroni
National and International grooming champion, Marco won some of his titles in La Rochelle, France; Prague, Czech Republic; Belgium and USA at Intergroom.
He also became Oster Europe Grand Champion in Montpellier and has been member of the Italian Team for 10 years.
He's one of the founders of the Italian Groomers Association A.T.I.
Marco is managing grooming stages all over the world as well as teaching in his salon in Venice.

Van Der Bosch Mirjam

Mirjam was born on November 17th of 1966. Her mother was also a dog groomer, so at a very young age she started to help her out. In 1987 she started working as a certified dog groomer. This talented lady has won plenty Gold, Silver and Bronze medals as well as Best in Show and Best All Round Groomer prizes in Europe and America. A highlight of her career was when Mirjam won, as the only person in Europe, in America (1996) as well as in Europe (2007), the prestigious title of Winner of the "Oster Invitational Tournament of Champions" with a standard poodle.
Meanwhile, she also spends time with her hobby, horse dressage, in which she has also won many prizes. Besides all these wonderful experiences, she also runs a kennel and grooming shop in Europe known for white standard poodles.
The Dutch Mirjam v.d. Bosch was twice the winner of "The Oster Invitational Tournament of Champions" with a standard poodle, which was the highlight of her career!

Vereeken Daniella

Daniella is the owner of a very successfull Grooming Salon, named Barboni, in Hemiksem, Belgium.
At the age of 13 she got her first Standard Poodle, which she groomed and showed herself.
Daniella started to compete in Grooming competitions at the age of 18.
In only 5 years (2002 till 2007) Daniella received heeft Daniella 19 Gold medals, 1 Silver en 8 Bronze medals at International Grooming Competitions, and 6 Best in Show titles.
In 2003, at the age of 19 she became best Belgian Groomer and Benelux Grooming Champion.
After this she became Best in Show at Pragobest 2004, German Grooming Masters 2005, Milangroom 2006, Groomania 2007 and Certo Grooming 2007 Best In Show.
Poodles are her life so now she also started to build her own Harlekin Poodle Kennel, named Exclusively Designed.

Verschuren Corinna

Corinna started her own Dog Salon " 't Trimmertje" in 1996, after being a veterinary assistant and 2 years of education. From the beginning, it was clear that she wanted to do more. Her passion for dog grooming grew further into the show world.
You can see her at work in various grooming and styling competitions all over Europe and America. She works with different breeds, but especially with poodles and other styling breeds. In the mean time she has already achieved 24 golden, 13 silver, and 18 bronze medals. She won "Best in Show" 7 times and was Belgian and International champion. In 2005 Corinna founded the "Groomteam Belgium". With this team she achieved the 6th spot at the World championship. In 2008 she was invited to participate at "Les Pooches Challenge" in New York, along with 8 of the best poodle groomers in the world. Two years later she was nominated for the Cardinal Crystal Achievement Award for International Groomer of the Year 2009.
Since 2006 she is a renowned juror in whole Europe. Corinna is also a freelance writer for the magazine "Woef". She has her own vision: "by educating yourself to perform better, you can be of great value to others in the future, to improve themselves in this wide profession". Because of this vision, she is now a highly requested teacher for seminars and workshops in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Poland.
She has 2 poodles of her own, who are of great importance in her life, and also a Bedlington terrier.
Corinna is a Belgian groomer whose passion for poodles and other styling breeds brought her to a very high level and made her a worldwide known expert.

Vilavedra Enric

Enric opened his grooming salon and shop in 1996 in Torroella de Montrì (Barcelona)
Three years later, in 1999 he started grooming competitions winning, till today, several gold, silver and bronze medals in Italy, Spain, France and Czech Republic.
Enric has been twice Cataluña Vice Champion; Best in Show in Barcelona in 2002 and Best Spanish Groomer 2002.
As international Judge he has been judging in Spain, France and Italy.
Enric was member of the Spanish Team third classed in the World Team Championship 2007 in Italy.
He's well known in Spain and Italy for giving seminars and grooming demonstrations on West Highland White Terrier.

Villasanti Sergio

Sergio has 3 years of experience as a nurse working at a Veterinary Clinic, which differentiates him as a highly qualified professional groomer able to alert the owner for any animal heath issues. While he is not a veterinarian, he can always refer a qualified professional. Sergio developed his craft at well known kennels, most notably during a 1 year internship at "Comfort Kennel", then owned by Flávio Werneck ( in memoriam) and Marcelo Chagas.
Although Sergio is not a handler by trade, he has successfully performed as one in innumerous European events. He became particularly known for handling the Bichon Frisé breed, after winning the "Best in Show Junior" in Brussels (1995), competing among 15.000 dogs. He was the only Brazilian handler presenting a national dog to win in that event. He has represented Brazil in events in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Germany, the United States, and Argentina. In Brazil, he has presented selected dogs in competition, mainly in São Paulo state look like, Westies, Fox Wired, English Cocker, Bichon, Poodle, Bernese, Airedale, Kerry, Collie,
Due to his performance in Europe, Sergio was asked to take part at Intergroom, an international competition held in New Jersey with the Top 30 groomers of the world for Oster Talent.
Unable to attend due to health issues in 1998, and again invited for the following year, Sergio returned from the 1999 event with a 2nd place in the Pot Pourri Class (Free Style).
Owner of República dos Cães Grooming School, forming around 6.000 national and international students.
·       Responsible for several projects in the grooming area in Brazil.
·       Creator of GroomBrasil, grooming contest in Brazil
·       Responsible for the professionalization with the Brazilian government
·       Oster Talent 1998 / 2004
·       Oster Ambassador of Latin America 2005 /2013
·       International Judge All Round IJA / 2005
·       Title of Excellent in Grooming Oster
·       Best Journalist Trophy Shirlee Kalstone Brazil / 2011
·       Invited to Pet Fashion Week NY / 2005
·       Master Groomer IPG /2012
·       Veterinary / 2012
·       Master Groomer NDGAA /2014
·       Wahl Ambassador Brazil / 2014
·       Creator of PGI (international program of groomers’ education),
In partnership with Umberto Lehmann/ EGA and Pet Society Cosmetics for Dogs.
·       Creator of Reference Grooming School in partnership with Emilia Diaz and Pet Society Cosmetics for Dogs.

Wasserman Scott

Is a multiple Best in Show and Best All Around Groomer winner. He was the Intergroom International Groomer of the Year in 2001 and a two time Best in Show winner at the U. S. Pet Pro Classic. Scott is the Director of Education at the LaBest Academy of Animal Arts in Edwardsville, IL. He is also a certifier for ISCC and enjoys showing his Kerry Blue Terrier and Dandie Dinmont Terrier..
He has completed the Judge's Orientation/Training Class required by the United Showmanagers Alliance, and was approved as a Sanctioned Judge.

Zabelinskaya Olga

[email protected]

 Olga is a Nationally and Internationally Certified Master Groomer .
She has groomed competitively throughout the U.S. since 
2003 and has multiple "Best in Show" and "Best 
All-Around Groomer" wins as well as 2 prestigious
"Winners Circle Champion " titles. 
Olga was awarded a Lynn Carwer Memorial Award 
 "Best All Around Stylist 2009". 

Olga was born in Russia where she had a Master Degree 
in Engeniring and finished a law school.  
After her family moved to the U.S. Olga found a job in a 
grooming business.  In 5 years, starting as a self taught
newbie she became a Groom Team USA member in 
2008, 2009,2010,2011 and 2012.
Olga was a member of traveling team USA in 2011 and won Silver medal
at World Grooming Team competition in Belgium.
She is a member of traveling Groom Team 2013 and will represent USA
in Barselona, Spain.

Olga Zabelinskaya was the proud recipient 
of one of the Grooming Industry highest achievements;
 the 2009, 2010 Cardinal Crystal American Groomer of the Year Award 
and   the 2009 Congeniality Award.
 Both honors are categories of the Cardinal Crystal Grooming Achievement Awards,
 which recognize excellence in the field of competitive and professional grooming. 

 One of the highest honors attainable by a professional groomer, 
the American Groomer of the Year award
 is the grooming industry version of the Best Picture Oscar. 

Olga owns and operates two grooming salons in New Jersey 
"Elite pet Spa & Boutique" and "Grooming Gallery" which won 
Cardinal achivment award in 2010. 
Her grooming experience includes styling dogs for prestigeous
 Westminster and Eucanuba dog shows and celebrity customers.
Olga participates in charity events and does grooming seminars
 for professional groomers and pet owners.

Groomer show breeds:
Bichon Frise, Poodle, Bedlington Terrier,Cairn terrier,  
Wheaten Terrier, Black Russian Terrier, 
 American and English Cockers.
Groomer commercial: All breeds dogs and  mix breeds.

Zecco Sue

Sue Zecco is a Certified Master Groomer with both the National Dog Groomers Association (NDGAA) and the International Professional Groomers (IPG). She has been grooming for over 30 years, starting her business "The Pampered Pet" in Paxton MA in 1977. She started to compete in grooming competitions in 1985 and since then has won Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at Intergroom, multiple Best in Show, Best All Around Groomer, Best Scissored Dog, Best Groomed Poodle , and her biggest show accomplishments, International Groomer of the Year 1998, and 1999's Oster Invitational Tournaments Grand Champion. Sue is also the very proud recipient of the 1998 and 2000 Cardinal Crystal Achievement Award for Groomer of the Year, and the 2002 Cardinal Award for Grooming Contest Judge of the year, along with the 2004 & 2005 Cardinal Award for Congeniality.
Sue has been a member of Groom Team USA since 1997 and broke all records in 1999 earning more points than anyone before (113 pts). She participated in the 1999 World Team Championships in England, earning a Silver medal for the team. She was also part of the 2001 World Team Championships in Calgary Canada, helping the USA bring home the Gold. In 2003 she assisted Groom Team USA to Barcelona, Spain for the World Championships as the Groom Team Coordinator.
Sue co-coordinates the 'Celebration of Style Grooming competition' for H.H.Backer Associates.
She is also a Wahl Clipper Corporation spokesperson and a National and International judge, speaker and demonstrator, having traveled to great places like Italy, Ireland, Spain, Germany, England, Scotland, Argentina and Canada.
Sue's most recent endeavor is a series of full day seminars she conducted with Jay Scruggs, called "Super Styling Sessions". A fun learning experience for all groomers held at different locations throughout the country.
Sue, her husband Ray and their 20 year old son Christopher breed standard poodles under the "Dreamcatcher" prefix. They currently have 7 standards, a Bedlington Terrier, two Arabian horses, two cats and a bird.
Sue Zecco, she have more than 30 years of experience and a trophy case that is probably bigger than an average living room! She is one of the people you definitely have to see at work!

Thanks to all for the participation.
Umberto Lehmann

[email protected]
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