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As from the art. 13 Legislative Decree of 30th June 2003, no. 196, new text suppling instruction for the "personal data protection", we would like to inform that personal data you supplied us will be handle in compliance with the above written standard and the reserve duty to which our activity is inspired.
Data will be handle only to reply to your enquiry relevant our company, observing all duty foreseen by law or standard and therefore, they will be kept no longer than the needed time.
Your personal data conferment is optional, but if you do not wish to supply us your personal data, or these are incorrect or insufficient, or if you do not give us the authorization of handling as above described, it could be impossible for us to receive your communication and follow your enquiries.
Your personal data will be kept strictly reserved and used in order to assure security and reserve and could be given only to people that are allowed to handle these personal data as from law disposal or secondary standard.
The data handling mode that could refer to you could forecast using of suitable automatic instrument to process them, on quality, quantity and time criterion.

The data handling owner is the EUROPEAN GROOMING ASSOCIATION Chemin du Nouau – 34730 PRADES LE LEZ. With reference to the above mentioned data handling, you can exercise the rights foreseen from the Art. 7 of the L. D. N. 196/2003 of which you can find as follows the integral text.

ART. 7 L. D. N. 196/2003

1. The interested person has the right to obtain confirmation of his personal data existing or not and their communication in a intelligibility way, even if they are not recorded yet.

2. The interested person has the right to obtain indication of:
a) the personal data origin;
b) the handling purpose and mode;
c) the applied logic in case of data handling by using electronic instrument;
d) the owner, the responsible and the representative in charge identification data as from the art. 5, 2nd paragraph;
e) subject and subject categories to which personal data can be forward or can become acquainted as representative in charge of the Country area or other responsible or person in charge.

3. The interested person has the right to obtain:
a) the up-to-date, rectification or, when in its interest, the data integration;
b) cancellation, change to an anonymous form or lock of handle data in law trespass, including the ones for which is not necessary the preservation with reference to the purpose for which data were collected or furtherly handle;
c) The attestation that the operation referring to the point a) and b), even contents, were acquainted to those that data were communicated or spread, except in case this performance is impossible or needs a disproportioned employment of means than the protected right.

4. The interested person has the right to oppose, wholly or partially:
a) for lawful reason to the personal data handling that regards him on collection purpose;
b) to personal data handling that corcern him for advertising material dispatch or direct sale or for market research or commercial communication.

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