We remind our judges that are still competing they are not allowed to compete

in Europe for 12 months once they accept to judge.

The rule doesn’t apply to the “Oster Invitational Tournament of Champions” and to

the “World Team Championship”




  1.  Judges must be on time at the beginning of the competition. A fair attitude is required as well as a positive attitude towards contestants.
  2. During the pre-judgment judges must consider the difficult degree of the work to be done. They must evaluate the length of the hair, to verify if any evident line is appearing, to consider if the dog has been freshly washed and dried.
  3.  Judges are not allowed to answer contestants' questions during the pre judgment, as well as to give advice before and during the contest. Smoking and drinking or eating in forbidden in the ring, as well as to use cell phone. Contestants must not be bothered physically nor psychologically.
  4. Judges are not allowed to exchange any opinion concerning the judgment during the competition. Every evaluation must be personal.
  5. Every show organizer must nominate a President of the Jury which can participate in judging with the assigned judges. The President of the Jury is responsible for the timing and the information to the contestants as well. Under his responsibility he can entrust a speaker.
  6. During the final judgment judges must be gentle, smiling and positive even if the work done is not up to expectations. They must evaluate and comb each dog giving an unbiased opinion in consideration of the technical work done on it.
  7. Judges must not be influenced by any groomer's personality or price record any groomer got in previous contests. During the final judgment judges cannot give contestants their personal evaluation. Every contestant has the right to hope to be in the finalists till the official announcement.
  8. During the final judgment Judges have to evaluate the respect of the breed standard, proportions, balance, symmetry, finishing and elegance of the dog. In particular regarding "Poodle class", as we must remind that every groomer has his (her) own style in applying "Terrier clip" and "Modern clip". A groomer cannot be penalized just because the judge doesn't like his (her) style, as well as a groomer cannot win just because his (her) style is the one the judge prefers.
  9. During the final judgment dogs must be respected in their own movements. Controlling the cut, when the comb is used, the hair must be replaced in respect of other judges. Any personal comment as well as any advice can be given.
  10. Judges can make corrections after the competition ended –except on nominated dogs- just if asked by the contestants. They can also give their own evaluation.
  11. As EGA judges have a big responsibility towards both the Association and the contestants, it is essential that the EGA Board controls the respect or these rules.
  12. In case contestants wish to lodge a complaint, they can hand it over to the President of the Jury the day of the competition. The Board will discuss eventual complaints to take steps.
  13. After three complaints regarding three different contests, judges concerned can be sanctioned by suspension of the card allowing to judge EGA contests for the current year
  14. Judges are not allowed to judge their own relatives and/or staff members


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