Article n. 1

Under the law of the 1stof July 2001 and decree of the 16thof August 2001 an association named EUROPEAN GROOMING ASSOCIATION, EGA is funded.

Article n.2

Object of this Association is:
- To put together all European Groomers Associations wishing to compare their experience, wishing being informed about grooming competitions and events held in Europe and all over the world.
- To organize, as well as to supervise, the European Grooming Championship.
- To organize, as well as to supervise, the World Team Grooming Championship.
- To organize grooming seminars and grooming demonstrations in Europe.
- To create seminars forming judges for international grooming contests, harmonizing and accomplishing all coherent criteria.
- To create a list of qualified and indisputable judges.
- To concert the calendar of grooming events in Europe as well as the entry-fees and the management of judges and officials.
- To structure and coordinate rules to be applied by all European Countries organizing grooming contests.
- To confederate all European Countries making a permanent contact with their National Professional Association's President, or with the representatives of grooming clubs, or others.
- To create a list of all groomers attending competitions in these different Countries to facilitate information exchanges.
- To bind the organizers of grooming contests to inform about results so that the EGA will be able to draw a European ranking.
- To create a dynamics of EC communication between associations or professional groups.
- The EGA takes care of collecting any information, pass it on to each President or executive so that they can up-do-date their members.
- The EGA will publish every six months a report containing the list of new enrolled in each Country with their addresses (exchange and acquaintance).
- Honestly and transparently manage the accounts, all financial resources.
- To manage membership fees.
- To manage and follow all adherences
- To allocate grants to young competitors.
- To establish a numbered, personal member card as adherence receipt.

Article n. 3

The legal seat is fixed at 937 Chemin du Nouau – 34730 PRADES LE LEZ
A relocation will be decided by the Board and ratified by the common assembly

Article n. 4

The Association is composed by:
a) member of honor
b) benefactor member
c) active member or associated

Article n. 5

To be part of EGA, people have to be groomers, factory managers or presidents elected by a group of professional groomers.
The Council will decide about the admittance of persons or groups.
A member of the association can introduce a new member by written application under Council guarantee.

Article n. 6

Are members of honor those people that gave the association important services, they are dispensed from the association fee.
Are benefactor members those people that donate to the association also paying the fixed annual fee.
Are active members those people that commit themselves to pay yearly an amount of 200 €.

Article n. 7

a) Resignation
b) Death
c) Radiation established by the Council after having invited the person concerned, by certified mail ,to justify to the Council the unpaid association fee.

Article n. 8

Resources of the association include:
a) 1 –The amount of the entry fees as well as the association fees
b) 2 – Public aid
c) 3 – Selling publicity products
d) 4 – Sponsoring and publicity
e) 5 – Seminars and demonstrations incomes

Article n. 9

Board Six presidents of groomers associations compose the Board, .
The members of the Board can be re-elected.
The Board chooses on secret ballot a Bureau as follow:
a) a President
b) a Vice President
c) a Secretary
d) a Treasurer As the Board will be half renewed every three years, the first time outgoing members will be appointed by drawing.
In case of vacancy, the Board provides a temporary substitution until the next general assembly.
The powers of elected members end together with replaced members' expiration terms.

Article n. 10

Board meeting
The Board meets once a year under convocation of the President or under request of a quart of its members.
Decisions are taken on majority of votes, in case of parity the President is prevailing
A Board member absent without leave for three consecutive meetings can be considered resigning.
None can be member of the Board when not major.

Article n. 11

Ordinary general assembly
The ordinary general assembly includes all the members of the association
The ordinary general assembly meets every year under decision of the Bureau.
The secretary takes care to convene all the members of the association al least 15 days previous the fixed date.
The business on the agenda is on the convocation.
The President chairs the meeting exposing the moral principles of the association assisted by the members of the council.
The replacement of outgoing members of the Council by secret ballot is held after the business on the agenda has been debated.
Only business on the agenda can be discussed during the Ordinary general assembly.

Article n. 12

Extraordinary general assembly
The President can convene an extraordinary general assembly when asked by half of the associated members plus one, following article 11's rules.

Article n. 13

Internal regulations
The Board can fix internal regulations, under approval of the General Assembly.
These internal regulations are bound to fix different items not provided by the articles of partnership, concerning the domestic administration of the associations.

Article n. 14

In case of dissolution pronounced by two third at least of the members attending the General Assembly, the GA nominates one or more liquidators that will provide to distribute possible active following the law of the 1st on July 1901, article n. 9 and the decree of the 16th of August 1901.

Article n. 15

The constituents of the Bureau
PRESIDENT: Umberto LEHMANN Nationality: Italian
VICE PRESIDENT: Denys LORRAIN Nationality: French
SECRETARY: Luisa LEHMANN Nationality: Italian
TRESURER: Mijo KLEIN Nationality: French
COUNCILLORS: Mijo KLEIN Nationality: French
Kitty DEKEERSGIETER Nationality: Belgian
Emilia DIAZ Nationality : Spanish

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